Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oliver Dean Visser

Here is our new baby boy born March 1, 2011. He has more hair than all of my kids put together. The kids all love him (a little too much). We are so happy he is here with our family.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peter's 8!

Peter turned 8 on Febuary 13th. He was baptized on the 19th. When it was time for him to be baptized everything seemed to go fine, except when Peter thought he could just jump under the water himself instead of having his dad lower him under. Justin was able to stop him in time. We all left the baptismal font and went into the primary room to wait for Justin and Peter. A few minutes after we got in there Brother Schwab came in and said we needed to go back and do it again. Apparently Justin was on the wrong side of Peter. Justin and Pete were already dressed so they had to undress and put the cold wet clothes back on so they could re-do it. The second time Peter's knee came up out of the water, so the third time was the charm.