Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Henk!

So I am trying to get caught up on all of the recent happenings. Henk turned 5 on December 29th. I can't believe he is that big. All he wanted was a giant cupcake for his birthday. He worried and worried about my sister Kris coming because she was bringing the giant cupcake pan and he thought for sure she would forget or else she wouldn't make it here. But it was all good in the end. He had lots of cousins at his party and got way too many presents. It's hard having his birthday so close to Christmas, but it doesn't seem to bother him any. Here he is with his cupcake. He still has that look that just makes you want to pinch his little cheeks and squeeze him.

Henk had a lot of help opening his presents. It's great too have cousins around.

Here's Grandpa giving him his b-day spankings.
He ended up with a lot more than 5, Grandpa's
counting was a little off.

And here is Gracey. She didn't get to open any presents.
It's got to be confusing because four days earlier she got to.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We did have a Merry Christmas this year. The kids presents consisted of legos, Harry Potter, Harry Potter Legos, and PILLOW PETS. Yes its a pillow, its a pet, its a pillow pet. That is all Gracey wanted for Christmas. On Christmas eve she was walking around my room yelling at the ceiling "Santa I want a pillow pet". This is a pretty amazing sentence for her to say, because she is still working on the whole "speaking" thing. Justin spent his few days off putting together legos. Here is Peter and Justin with Pete's new Hogwarts Express Legos.
Henk is opening his Voldemort wand. Peter got the Harry Potter one too. They love those things.

I have a good video of Gracey and her pillow pet, but it was taking too long to download. So this is the only picture I have of her on Christmas morning, she'll be hating me one day for this. We were heading to my moms house for dinner and Gracey got these slippers for Christmas and that was all she wanted to wear to grandma's house. She was very sad because I told her she had to get dressed.

Oh and the other thing we got for Christmas was this hamster. Peter used it for his science fair project. His name was max but then we changed it to Hobo Ham because he has a little car he lives in. Justin and I were trying to clean its cage, but neither one of us dared touch it, so we finally just scooped it up into its little ball. We have gotten braver and the hamster has gotten nicer.