Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gracey turned 2! (about a month ago)

What a difference a year makes, last year when everybody sang to Gracey she cried. She is a lot more social than she used to be but she is definitely in the terrible two's. I am starting to see the difference between raising girls and boys. Gracey was easier to potty train than my boys (and I thought they were easy), but the boys were just easier all together. I just can't get used to the girly high scream, and that's saying something because Peter was quite the screamer.

Life has been HECTIC this summer. My poor kids are getting quite the run around. Justin decided to start a business this summer. We have opened a motorcycle, atv, and snowmobile parts and repair shop. We will be adding actual motorcycles, atv's and other things later on.
He is keeping his job with the Town of Afton for right now, so that means I have to fill in at the shop when he can't be there which is pretty much all of the time. And when I am there, my kids have to be there, this situation makes for one mean mom.

We are also remodeling the rest of the building. We installed 2,000 sq feet of laminate wood flooring in one night (this is for the zumba classes that take place in our building). We are also adding 3 offices 1 bathroom and a conference room which will be rented out to other businesses. Not to mention the remodeling that we have had to do in the portion of the building where our shop is. I have been impressed how much Justin and Lee have accomplished in less than a month.

Our car STILL isn't fixed. It has been over a month now. I am hoping it will be fixed in the next day or two. I was borrowing one of my parent's cars, until they decided to hit a moose in their other one and so they needed that one back. So it was back to my good old bike and trailer, until it decided to break down too. Yep, I can't even get a reliable bike. Luckily that only took about 3 days to fix so I am back in business!

I know things aren't going to slow down until August at the very least. My poor poor kids aren't having a very fun summer. I feel so bad for them. At least they have the trampoline and sprinkler. That has saved me.