Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year we were sweatin' to the oldies! Justin was Richard Simmons and I was one of the work out ladies. Yes that is Justin's real hair. It took a professional 1hr of curling and a whole can of hair spray, but oh it was worth it. And yes, sadly that is my real belly. We held a party at our store and had a huge turn out. It was a blast! Check out Hayley Ponciano's blog for more pictures and movies there is a link on my blog list.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Boy!

Yep, number four (yikes) is on his way. Justin didn't want to find out what it is and to be honest I just figured we wouldn't be able to find out (I don't have the highest confidence in our hospital system). When we got there yesterday he said "we don't need to find out, I know it's a boy" so he kept saying no we're not finding out. Well, as it got farther into the ultra sound, he started changing his mind. And finally I said, lets just see if they can tell or not. And sure enough in plain sight you could see it was a boy, and not a shy one either. Gracey will be our only little girl, which is fine by me. I'm just afraid I won't be able to afford to feed 3 boys!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gracey turned 2! (about a month ago)

What a difference a year makes, last year when everybody sang to Gracey she cried. She is a lot more social than she used to be but she is definitely in the terrible two's. I am starting to see the difference between raising girls and boys. Gracey was easier to potty train than my boys (and I thought they were easy), but the boys were just easier all together. I just can't get used to the girly high scream, and that's saying something because Peter was quite the screamer.

Life has been HECTIC this summer. My poor kids are getting quite the run around. Justin decided to start a business this summer. We have opened a motorcycle, atv, and snowmobile parts and repair shop. We will be adding actual motorcycles, atv's and other things later on.
He is keeping his job with the Town of Afton for right now, so that means I have to fill in at the shop when he can't be there which is pretty much all of the time. And when I am there, my kids have to be there, this situation makes for one mean mom.

We are also remodeling the rest of the building. We installed 2,000 sq feet of laminate wood flooring in one night (this is for the zumba classes that take place in our building). We are also adding 3 offices 1 bathroom and a conference room which will be rented out to other businesses. Not to mention the remodeling that we have had to do in the portion of the building where our shop is. I have been impressed how much Justin and Lee have accomplished in less than a month.

Our car STILL isn't fixed. It has been over a month now. I am hoping it will be fixed in the next day or two. I was borrowing one of my parent's cars, until they decided to hit a moose in their other one and so they needed that one back. So it was back to my good old bike and trailer, until it decided to break down too. Yep, I can't even get a reliable bike. Luckily that only took about 3 days to fix so I am back in business!

I know things aren't going to slow down until August at the very least. My poor poor kids aren't having a very fun summer. I feel so bad for them. At least they have the trampoline and sprinkler. That has saved me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a fun trip to "California"!

We were headed to california last week to go and visit my sisters and nieces and nephews. The kids were sooo excited. The morning we we going to leave we took our car in for an oil change and to have things checked out. We were told we needed a new AC belt. Of course they didn't have any here or in Jackson (which surprised me because our car is a volvo, you would think they would keep parts for those in Jackson). We then made the worst decision of our lives. We called Orem and they had the part we needed there. So we thought we will probably make it there, if not so what if the AC goes out. So we loaded up and we went. Well, needless to say we didn't make it there. We had just made it around the reservoir in Provo canyon when we heard a big clunk and our car quit. We figured it was just the AC belt and called the auto parts store to send the part to a mechanic who called a tow truck for us. We thought it would be like ten minutes to fix, no big deal.
The tow truck shows up and just as I had suspected, there is only room for one other person in his truck. So I thought, I can wait here until the car is fixed it won't take long. So the kids and I hike up this hillside and hang out by these thorny bushes where the kids found fun things to play with like sticks, glass, and rusty barbed wire. (See above picture) While I'm sitting there I called Justin and he said it might take a while so I thought "I'll call my friend Bridgett who lives in Provo she can come save us." Bridgett was more than willing to come and help so I called Justin and he said "call her back and tell her never mind we'll have this fixed in a few minutes" So I call Bridgett and say never mind. Well of course Justin calls back and says "call Bridgett back this might take a while." So I call her back and she says she would be there as fast as she can. Meanwhile the kids and I are still "hiding" up in the bushes because I was a little scared that people would stop and ask questions and I didn't want to talk to strangers. Bridgett did hurry up there I'm still impressed at how fast she made it. So after 1 1/2 hours of the kids and I playing with sticks, glass, and rusty metal (BTW there was a potty incident in there as well) we got in Bridgett's car and headed to the mechanic. When I got there it was BAD news. The guy wouldn't be able to get it fixed that night, so poor Bridgett had to take our family to her house and let us stay the night.
DAY 2: We waited until about noon when we called the shop and they were still working on getting parts, yes PARTS the belt wrapped around a bunch of things (so we thought) and ruined them. So we went to the park with Bridgett, had some pizza and went to Jumping Jacks to play in the bounce house things. The kids were sooo good the whole time. I am so glad we
we had Bridgett and her kids to save us. Well while we were at Jumping Jacks (this is about 5:00 pm) we get a call from the mechanic. BAD NEWS the engine is shot!! What? This was why we bought a brand new car in the first place so we wouldn't have crazy things like this happen . Our car is a 2007 and your telling me the engine is gone? Apparently it wasn't just the AC belt. The timing tensinor(sp?) decided to go out on us at the same time as the AC belt. This threw the whole timing off on our engine or something (blah blah blah car talk I don't understand) all I know is that we didn't make it to California, and we had to rely on another friend to haul a trailer down to load our car up and take it home. So, thanks to Lee Aullman for driving all night in horrible rain to get to Provo to pick us up and a Big thanks to Bridgett for saving me and my kids in the canyon and letting us mooch off of you for a couple of days :) We still don't know the full extent of the damage to our car, but the mechanics don't think we need a whole new engine just more parts. I am very scared of what this going to cost!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter! (I'm a little slow)

We had a wonderful Easter this year. We attempted silk dyeing our eggs this year and it was quite fun. We went to D. I. and had the kids pick out some ties and they loved it. I think Justin was more excited about these eggs than anyone. He went right home and started taking the ties apart before the rest of us even got home. I am not a crafty person who thinks of these neat ideas, I saw this on a website, I can't even take credit for finding the website, my sister-in-law Jana showed me this website and it has become my favorite.
Justin's grandma did her annual easter egg hunt for the kids. She pays them a quarter for every real egg they find. I was amazed she was up for it this year but you can't keep that lady down.
The best part of Easter was that we got to eat two Easter dinners. Yumm!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Great Ambitions

Henk informed me this morning that when he grows up he wants to be a dad, "Because I don't want to work". I asked how he will get money then. He told me, "I bet Leisa will still give me birthday money".

Monday, March 8, 2010


Saturday night Gracey was running in my bedroom when she tripped and smashed her face into my bed. She must have hit the metal mattress frame. Her nose swelled up right after it happened. After a long debate of whether we should take her to the Dr. or not and calling my dad a million times to see what he thought, we decided to take her to the ER. The Dr. said what we thought which was "yep it's broken, but there isn't anything you can do until the swelling goes down". So now we wait. I still can't tell if it is crooked or not it's still is a little bit swollen. Gracey has been so tough through it all, she doesn't even act like it bothers her at all. But it makes me hurt every time I look at her.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Peter

Peter had his first official birthday party last February. We did a pirate theme. I made the invitations to look like a pirate map. This may not have been a good idea because some of the kids didn't make it home with their invitations because they were to busy playing with them. I made these shark cupcakes that looked better far away then they did up close. They weren't too difficult, but they weren't as easy as I thought they would be. They were kind of tasty because, yes the sharks body is made of a twinkie. What could be better than a cupcake with a twinkie, a cookie, and candy?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We had a very good Christmas this year. Peter was soooo excited this year. He was wanting to leave the family Christmas eve party at six so he could go home and go to bed. Henk was way excited also and Gracey was excited because the others were excited. When I was little we couldn't get out of bed until six a.m. I remember being awake for hours waiting for six to roll around. Erin and I would also try sneaking out to see our presents, but my parents usually caught us. My kids had a hard time waking up at 8:30.

The boys got new snowboards and they love them. We just need a little more snow here. (Yeah I can't believe I'm saying that either.) They went a couple of times and Henk stayed up for quite some time. Peter is learning to turn. They are both already better than I am at snowboarding.

Gracey got a new baby. She was so cute with that thing. She was looking around all morning for a bed for her baby when she found the new dog bed Santa brought, she stayed there all morning long.

Yep my little Henk is four years old. He had a good birthday with lots of friends and family.

2009 was a pretty good year for us. Besides Pete's broken arm, we all came out in one piece. Justin still has a job and right now I don't think we could ask for much more than that.