Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The summer is ending and so are the bike rides:(

Well, since we have had a couple of snow storms and we rarely get above 50 degrees, I think it is safe to say that summer is over. I think our family is going to miss the bike rides most of all. My boys love going to the BMX track to ride bikes. Peter has been learning how to jump his bike this summer and is getting quite good at it. Justin loves to ride with the boys when he gets the chance. Henk is very brave for a 3 year old. He can ride up and down most of the hills. One day when we were on our way to the track he told me he popped a wheelie on his bike. Sure enough he did, he can lift his front tire about a 1/2" off the ground. He thinks he's so big.

Back to School (so I'm a little slow)

Way back in August school started again for Peter. He is in the first grade this year and is doing quite well. His competitive side is coming out. One day he came home from school to tell me a girl in his class already received her reading award. So he went to school early the next day to take a whole bunch of reading tests so he could catch up to her. I hope he stays like this.

Henk started school the beginning of September. It is his first year of pre-school. He loves it. He has been so excited all summer long for school to start. His favorite part is riding the tricycles outside. It is the cutest thing ever. (No he is not crying in the picture, the sun was too bright for him.)

So now for two and a half hours two times a week it is just Gracey and me. I think she likes the time away from her brothers.