Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So I am new at this blogging, I just figured out you can add a video, so here is the clip of Peter jumping off of McCoy creek bridge.  I was more scared than him I think.
Last night (or this morning, not really sure when) Jake and Violet had a new baby girl.  They named her Abbigail and she is so cute.  She looks just like Callin only she has a lot of dark hair.  Saturday afternoon Peter had a little accident at the Harmon's house.   He was out jumping on the trampoline when he bounced up and hit his head on a basketball hoop.  Of course he screamed like his head was just cut off; which, with as much blood as there was you might think his head was cut off.  It cleaned up quickly and now there is just a small scab.  

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today we blessed our little Gracey Lou. Here is a picture of her in the dress that Kris was so kind to lend to us. (This is the only picture in which she wasn't sticking out her tounge.) After the blessing we had a delicious lunch at Grandma Koral's house. Grandpa Dennis made the yummiest brisket ever which everybody loved.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here are the big Wyoming Cowboys checking on their livestock.  Peter rode his sheep for a mighty 4 second ride.  He was cut short of the big belt buckle when his sheep took him head first into the rodeo fence.  Henk  was ready to go on his first sheep ride but when he was next in line he decided sheep riding was not what he thought it was.  So they both returned their rodeo numbers and collected their Two Dollar Bills.

Today they had the Jr. Rodeo at the Lincoln County Fair.  Peter & Henk were both signed up to mutton bust.  Henk chickened out because his sheep was a little eager and left the shoot before he could even get on it.  He didn't want to try another one.  Peter hopped right on with his motorcycle helmet and his goggles.  He had a wild sheep that ran him right into the gate.  It was a good thing he had his helmet.  Callin (Jake's little boy) was a little afraid but he he eventually hopped on.  His sheep was like riding a tame little pony, it just wandered around and could care less that Callin was on him.   There was one famous person attending today's rodeo.  Spiderman made an appearance and even tried a little mutton busting of his own.